TO take all of the amazing experiences we have been blessed to live in our travels around the world following the waves, and bring them back to our home on the wildwood nj beach.

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It all started with the waves.

I first began surfing in my early teens. My friend took me out in Wildwood on a typical August summer day. The sun was shining, light winds were blowing, the water was warm and some fun little waves rolled into the beaches. After that day I was hooked. I couldn't imagine a better way to spend the summer days than out on the water with friends having fun.

This love for surfing carried on year to year until i made the greatest decision of my life. I chose to study abroad in my junior year of college. As i contemplated where I would go, i couldn't deny that wherever it was : I needed to be able to surf. I chose the beautiful island nation of Fiji. 

As one can imagine Fiji is a place of crystal clear water, amazing waves, and breathtaking sunsets. But it was something else that gave me a deep appreciation for the surfing lifestyle. I noticed that in chasing the waves around Fiji i found myself in the most extraordinary of adventures and in the company of some truly amazing people. 

This trend continued as I went on to travel on surf trips to Indonesia, Australia, Mexico, Ecuador, Costa Rica, California and Hawaii. Everywhere I went on this quest to follow the waves I was blessed to have equally amazing experiences. There is a certain lifestyle that accompanies these tropical paradises around the world, and its no wonder why the people living there are so happy with so little.

As I sat back home in Jersey during the cold winter month of February 2015 I dreamt of warmer days, perfect waves, and the amazing friends I made in my travels. It was then that the dream occurred.

I wanted to find a way to bring the amazing experiences I have been blessed to LIVE in my travels around the world surfing back to my hometown. Everything. I wanted to introduce people to the joy of surfing, so that they too may live these experiences.

AND Even if surfing isn't what your after, the happy, active, healthy, lifestyle that comes along with it is sure to bring good vibes to anyone !



So please, come down to the Surftopia and let us help you experience

that ALOHA feeling !